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Investments and Debt Management

The foundation, through the Office of Investments and Debt Management, oversees the financial assets of the Ƶ. Responsibilities of the office include the investment oversight of the foundation’s endowment and life income programs, and the management, accounting and reporting of various operating and short-term investment funds. The office also manages the comprehensive debt program for the university and other university-related corporations. The program includes securing debt financing for many of the capital projects located on-campus and at the adjacent Corporate Research Center, as well as maintaining compliance of all bond covenants.

Real Estate Development and Management

Although the real estate portfolio of the Ƶ is highly diverse and expansive, it is the flexibility of the foundation that helps the university achieve its goals and better serve the needs of the students. At the request of the university, the foundation's General Counsel and Real Estate office acquires real estate throughout Virginia, and the world. This partnership is evident throughout the portfolio and includes properties such as the Steger Center in Switzerland for students studying abroad, and North End in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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The foundation also sells properties that have been donated to further support the university. Many of the properties are listed with licensed real estate brokers while others are sold by working directly with the foundation’s real estate office. All the properties can be viewed on real estate for sale section of this site.

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Accounting and Fund Management

Managing funds and working closely with Virginia Tech departments plays a significant role in the day-to-day operations of the foundation. The foundation’s accounting office administers more than 10,000 operating and endowment funds in partnership with university departments. The office is responsible for managing disbursements, financial reporting, fixed assets management, and the day-to-day operations of the foundation while ensuring practices are compliant with audit and tax regulations.

Program Support

To advance the programmatic goals of Virginia Tech, the foundation's Investment Committee authorizes up to a 5% allocation to Program Related Investments (PRI). These funds are to be administered by the foundation’s Chief Executive Officer in consultation with staff. Embedded within the 5% target are allocations not to exceed $12 million in support of three student-led investment groups: SEED, BASIS and COINs. The remaining balance is to assist the university community in technology transfer, to grow and strengthen the diversity of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center and to help bridge the gap between angel funding and institutional investors for regional entrepreneurs.

Special Initiatives

The foundation supports special initiatives at the request of Virginia Tech. Cellular service on campus and in Lane Stadium has improved dramatically thanks to a special project to install a distributed antenna system. The foundation built and operates the system which has improved access and offers convenient connectivity for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and enhances public safety and security.